New shop design, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan

Home outdoors renovation/rooftop, balcony floors,rooftops,  Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

Before /After

( Spare keys workshop refurbishing. 1p./ 3 weeks)

- Zoning, drafting, quoting, materials purchasing,  refurbishing and construction ( 100% mobile furniture ), ceiling/walls painting, floor coating ( EP).  logotype designs ( web use specifically).

 Tight budget/deadline. France


AFTER ( 1p/2 weeks)

and Logo design

Other: Consulting, planning, design, promotion, advert

Food consulting; process-operations by TW. 

Promotional photo shooting by Thierry Wauquier. All Rights Reserved.

Model promotion Production. 

Model: LOU

Hair & Make-up: Aktu'Elle

Photography/Video: Thierry Wauquier & Dino Deluca

Post-Production & Coordination: Thierry Wauquier

Loc: Japan

Thierry Wauquier 2016. All Rights Reserved. 

Open the link below to Google-vue the location:

Concept, sketching, modeling, construction,finishing, editing by TW

Surfaces Coating Customization by Thierry Wauquier. Ask.

Refurbishing - paintings/carpentry/lighting fixing(before)

On / Off-site construction

Refurbishing- walls/ceiling/ (after)

Flooring (before)

Flooring (after) 16mm Oak-wood

Bathroom wall waterproof /non-slippery floor coating

Kitchen corner (before)

Kitchen corner (after)

Restaurant furniture (Japanese size-customized) carpentry

Shooting prod/coordination and acting